Monday, June 27, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze FYI

From the great OMG collection, China Glaze FYI is a taupe holo ... sounds a little weird - looks awesome:

Here's a look in motion:
You know who I'd like to see do a holographic collection?  Zoya.  Do you hear me Zoya??!  Because they actually seem to listen to their fans, and no other company seems to want to give us what we all desire =)
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  1. simplemente, hermoso! Love your nails!!! and im your fan :D

  2. Yes, Zoya! C'mon!! DOOOOO IT! Could you *imagine* how fast their holos would sell?! Either way, this is a great color and yes, taupe isn't the first color you think of when you hear holo.

  3. love it, I also love Color Clubs holos.. but I agree, zoya needs to get on the holo train! choo choo!

  4. very pretty, such a strong holo effect x

  5. Very very pretty :)
    A while ago I bought a holo from Make Up Store.. its called Britta and its a pink with holo :) Only problem is that when I apply a second coat it ruins the manicure, I get spots on my nails where my nail shines through :/ I guess I just have to stay away from that second coat ;)

  6. That would be a fantastic idea for Zoya to do a holo collection. I'd love to see that. I'm sure it would be amazing. This holo collection from China Glaze is one of my favorites. I just wore this last week. It is lovely.

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