Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Return of Konad

I think it's been like 3 weeks since I used Konad, and once I realized it had been so long I had to remedy the situation. I wasn't sure what I was doing right up to the point where I started my mani ... which ended up being after I had finished off most of a bottle of Jeremiah's Weed with my friend - for those of you that don't know, it's sweet tea flavored vodka that goes nicely with lemonade. Both of our manis turned out pretty good considering our lack of sobriety.

The sticker is AWOL for this bottle of Nina Ultra Pro, but I think the name is Caribbean Blue or something like that, Konied with Black Special Polish & plate s6, and Maybelline Onyx Rush for the tips:

I did file my nails a little, after a couple of close calls, so if you're thinking that they look shorter, it's not just an optical illusion from the french tips.

On T, we used Misa Right Here Now, No More Later, Konied with White Special Polish & plate m69:

And I did my toes also, with China Glaze Coconut Kiss:

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  1. *jumps up and down screaming omg omg omg g0rjuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

  2. Thoses look so good!! I wish I had that plate :(

  3. Glad you enjoyed your drinks! Nails both look fantastic. I can't even do that sober. I love the combination of colors you used. Really a beautiful Konadicure. Also love your friends. The Misa shade is such a pretty blue. Toenails looks cute also. Love purple!

  4. Way groovy nails - both patterns turned out great! I'll have to check out that drink...sounds yummy... :-)

  5. ugh you are so making me want to cave and want a konad! ^^ great patterns, and I really like the color combination chosen.

  6. Oh my... the first konadicure is just amazing, I love it (I just love when you show us pictures of konadicures anyway!) and I absolutely have to add that Misa polish to my long list of to-be-bought-polishes ^_^

  7. Really cool konadicures on both of you! :)

  8. Love it! I wish I had such good Konad skills - I can't get anything anywhere near this good even before I've had a drink!

  9. NATALIE - I always have a running list of plates that I "need" =)

    LUCY - I started out planning to do black tiger stripes & she picked white because she wanted to prove her opinion that white would be better, but after we got started I decided I wasn't up to double-stamping my nails LOL

    JAMIE - It also comes in Peach Tea flavor, and another that has bourbon in it too

    CLOCKWORK - Peer pressure - you should get one!

    CHOCADDICT - Thank you =)

    SOLVEIG - Thanks =)

    HELEN - I surprised myself, I was prepared for disaster, or to think it looked good but wake up in the morning & find out it's horrible LOL.

  10. Wow! You have good looking toes! Plus i like the color of them & on your nails as well! Nice.

  11. terribly late, i know... but i wonder if the Pro Nails is Bossa Nova... BN looks a little more creme, while the pix look a little more shimmery. nonetheless, thought i'd mention it!
    love both manis, btw (:

  12. ANON - Thanks for the suggestion - I'll put that down as a possibility =)


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