Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOTD: Butterfly Kisses

Kind of a sappy post title, I know, but that's what comes to mind when I look at my mani & you guys know I bring myself to you unfiltered whenever possible =) You'll see in the pics that I broke off a corner on my index finger ... but I'm reluctant to file it down to where it would be even because I don't want to lose the dexterity I've gained with long nails. On the other hand, it kind of bugs me ... I guess we'll see. If you tune in one day & I'm down to nubbins, that's why.

On to the actual mani; if you don't have this polish, I promise that you need to go out & buy it. In my world, this polish could just simply be called BLUE ... in the real world, this China Glaze polish goes by the name of Frostbite. Konad done with China Glaze OMG & plate m36. In the shade pic, you'll see that my nails look like my tube of Nivea lip balm =):

I am trying to do my nails more often in an effort to work through my unworn polish pile ... I'm sure soon I'll be to the point of doing them on a daily basis. Yet, regardless of the size of my stash, I find myself planning another online haul. Hmmm, this is probably one of those eternal cycles, I will always have more unworn polish than a "normal" person has in their entire collection. Hehehe ... oh well =)

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  1. I would leave the index nail as is. It doesn't look bad to my eyes. I even clicked on the photo to see the magnification. It reads as "long" with the entire hand.

    I actually have Frostbite in my untrieds. hahaha! It looks great with the flitting holo butterflies and is indeed a dupe to Nivea. :)

  2. it does look like the signature nivea blue... and it's real pretty too ^^
    I love using OMG with Konad, it always turns out great as is the case here.
    I'd leave your nail as it is (unless it "feels" coarse if you see what I mean) because we can hardly notice the break in the pictures.

  3. What a beautiful shade of blue and it turned out so pretty with these little butterflies over it :-)

  4. Looks really really cute. I need to get some more Konad stuff, I only have the plates that came with the C kit. These butterflies are so beautiful! :)

  5. Very pretty! 'Butterfly Kisses' is also the title of a really sappy song (listen to at your own peril!)and I completely understand your 'to file,or not to file dilemma.With nails as gorgeous as yours I wouldn't want to lose the length either.

  6. I love this manicure. That is one of the prettiest blues I've ever seen! The butterflies are too cute!

  7. It took me awhile to see what you meant with your nail. Whenever that happens I file the other side into a round shape.. and stock up on nail growth polishes. lol

  8. PAINTEDLADYFINGERS - I think I am going to leave it for now. It's not bugging me as much as I thought it might. Glad you have this color so you don't have to lemming =)

    CHOCADDICT - Konad compatability is the reason I got the entire collection - I just got done using DV8 on my current mani =)

    TULI - Thank you =)

    SOLVEIG - The only problem with buying more plates, is limiting what you buy! I am going to get some more soon myself.

    PINKGINGER - LOL I remember that song!

    ADOREPINK - Thanks =)

    CRISSY - I'm glad it's not as glaringly obvious as I thought it was LOL =)


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