Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tips, Toes & Haul

Today I've got Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple as the base, nail art flower done with Hot Topic Pink, with a rhinestone on top:

Toes are China Glaze Unplugged, which the pics do not do justice to the golden shimmer that this has:

For the haul I went to Sallys, to use my monthly 15% off coupon:

Top left to right: China Glaze Tree Hugger, Frostbite, & Lubu Heels. Bottom: Savvy Deja Blue & Electric Blue.

That's all for tonight. Not exactly an exciting weekend but I got a lot done, and I have a few more things to take care of before bed. Thanks for reading.



  1. I have all 3 of those CG polishes. My favorite of them being "Frost Bite" is GORGEOUS on!

  2. Love your manicure. I had on that purple a few days ago. It's really a beauty! Toes are looking cute also. Nice polishes you picked up. Can't wait to see them swatched.

  3. I love that SH polish color (hey, it's purple, so what else was I supposed to say? ^^) and your freehand design is once again very pretty and feminine.

  4. That's freehand? Girl, you are getting way too good!

  5. That mani is wicked hot looking, I like it a lot!

  6. That's a seriously pretty mani!

  7. THE PBG - It really is - you see I couldn't wait to wear it =)

    LUCY - Thank you =)

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks =)

    NESSA - I surprised myself, although doing this design did make me go out & buy another, smaller, brush - for next time =)

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks =)

    SOLVEIG - Thank you =)


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