Monday, January 2, 2012

NOTD: L'Oreal Amazon's Flash w/ Christmas Tree + Tutorial

Sooo ... obviously I did not meet my goal of catching up by the end of the year.  But one of my resolutions is to be better organized, so getting caught up is a good place to start with that =)

These nails are  from about a week before Christmas - I wasn't totally happy with them so they only lasted about a day (& that's also why there's not many pics), but still a fun & festive look.  Base color is L'Oreal Amazon's Flash, the tree is done with Ulta Salon Formula Envy, and the lights/ornaments are done with Nubar Fire Sparkle:

Here's the tutorial:

My next look also involves Christmas trees, but done with stencils rather than freehand =) 

Thanks for reading.



  1. I really like the gold polish!

  2. hey!
    I like your blog because I am myself a nail girl ...
    I have some questions!
    1.What does your family think about your nails?
    2.har you have children?
    3.Maybe you could post a video of how to do many nails to make it easier to do that and see how you do!
    4.kan you post images of the nails you've done over the years?
    bye bye!

  3. EBBA - everyone who knows me is used to my nails - no kids - I have several vids showing multiple nails (I'm assuming you mean for marbling) - & my blog has all my manicures back to 2009, plus there are slideshows for most months on my youtube channel =)


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