Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Glittering Garland & Christmas Tree Stencils

I know, Christmas is over!  But I still wanted to show you guys - the plain version almost more than the nail art.  I wore China Glaze Glittering Garland on its own for a day:

Could be my favorite green of the year - except now I've posted it in 2012!  Ah, dilemma!  I usually go by blog posting date when I do my top manicures of the year LOL.

Anyway, after I wore it plain, I decided to Christmas-ify it a little more with some (homemade) stencils, sponged with Sally Hansen Silver Lining which is a miraculous silver that looks silver some times, blue others, and even purplish at the right angle:

My thumbs turned out particularly well - and the bit of green at the base of my left one made me wish I'd left a little "grass" on the other trees - or "snow" for the inverted ones:

Want to see how I cut out the stencils?  Along with a small chunk of my thumb LOL but that didn't make it on camera thankfully.  Here's the tutorial:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. That SH polish looks more versatile than I would have thought....might have to actually buy that one, LOL! The green is Fab also!

  2. Did you mean to have the thumbs the other way around? Makes it very cool!!!


  3. Great mani. This polish is so gorgeous!!

  4. ANON - yes, I do them opposite of the rest sometimes depending on the design =)

  5. your design is very gorgeous!!! I love this system also, very ingenious!!!


  6. I nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Colette! All the info is on my blog!

  7. I love your blog. Just watched your tutorial on water marble nails and it was fabulous. I had no idea how to do those kind of ideas but now I do! Thank you. :)


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