Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Stamping Plates

OK, so it took me a while to get around to reviewing these, being so distracted with holiday-related nails, but I did use them the other day over Merry Mittens, and although obviously I haven't gone through & tried out each & every design, I want to share my impressions with you guys.  You can find these & more at the Born Pretty website, and you can enter promo code "COLE10K31" to get 10% through 3/31/11. 
The image plate set that I received is the 12-piece that includes the Hello Kitty design =)  You can check out all the sets that they have avaiable HERE in the Nail Art Stamping section
The image plates very similar to the Bundle Monster plates in that they come with a plastic film & a rather sharp edge that makes it tricky to remove.  I don't think they're quite as sharp as the BM ones though.  They are also unfinished on the back, but a slightly thicker disc of metal.  The biggest difference between these & both the Bundle Monster & original Konad is that they're octagonal rather than round
Like Konad plates, they are labelled with M & the plate number - although some of their M's are capitalized & Konad's are lowercase, when I refer to these plates & also for my tagging purposes you'll see an asterisk * following.  But don't think that they're the same designs just because they're labelled the same.
Have a look at the completely different m72 vs. m72*:
And here, m12* has images from both m36 & m40:

The designs seem well-etched - deep enough that you get the whole design when you stamp, and all of the details came through cleanly on the design that I used, from plate m71* .  Although some familiar Konad images are included, I didn't end up with very much duplication, most of the designs are original & include some designs that have a mirror-image right next to them on the plate.
Overall, these are very reasonably priced at less than a dollar a plate, and worth it in my opinion if you'd like to expand you image plate collection.  Thanks for reading.
(These products were sent to me for review)


  1. Hi!!
    I really like your page!
    Check my naildesigns!

  2. Hmmm...I have m72 and m68 and none of the images seem to stamp cleanly. There is a lot of polish left on the stamp when I try to stamp with them and the image left on my nail is not clean. I don't have that problem with konad or bundlemonster:(

  3. Hi Colette! I just found your blog through another blogger who posted your youtube video on how to do swirl nails. I've seen swirl nails on youtube before but never picked up on it and never gave it a try but I love your simple tutorial and will be giving it a shot soon ;) I LOVE your tips and tricks youtube page by the way - it's sooo helpful and thank you so much for sharing that with everyone ;)
    I love Konad!!! I just requested a few plates for Christmas last month and got some in from my sisters - so I can't wait to give the new plates a try. It's good to know that these Born Pretty plates are like konad plates in terms of quality.

  4. awesome =] might have to get some. i hate the thought of shelling out 7 dollars/plate. love the hibiscus!

  5. Thanks for reviewing these! I recently purchased the Bundle Monsters plates and wasn't impressed. The designs that are supposed to fit on the whole nail sucks. I will consider purchasing these in the future.


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