Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Day & Toe-less Socks

Just a quick post ... I wore the Purple Fanatic marble for several days, so I'm not actually that far behind, but I was just too tired after work today to put together much of a post.  So I thought I would just post this up for you guys for a laugh.
I purchased some pedi socks a while ago, basically they're just little tubes that leave the end of your foot out, but they're thin material & don't really even cover the whole foot, so in winter they didn't work as well as I'd hoped ... so I took out a pair of my toe-socks & went at them with a pair of scissors XD  Here's a look at my much warmer custom pedi socks:
Matching the polish to the purple stripes was not intentional LOL. 
Real posting should resume hopefully tomorrow.  I'll have some real pics of this pedi, a mani, and several January hauls including today's trip to Ulta - 20% entire order coupon on the website right now IF you didn't know =)
Thanks for reading.


  1. Good idea with keeping the feet warm for the pedi!

  2. Such fun! Great image. Love those socks.

  3. that's funny!! haha I like it!!

  4. wow is THAT convenient! I never polish my toe nails during winter because I don't like cold feet, but this is the solution!

  5. adorei a cor, e os pés são lindos!

  6. Love your website!!! I am really wanting to try the marbleing technique out... how do you think it would look on shorter nails?

  7. Smart idea. I can't stand toe socks. Just creeps me out on my feet!


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