Monday, January 3, 2011

December Hauls

... because it's hard not to stop for polish when you're out Christmas shopping =)  At Ulta I picked up the polishes from Heavenly Metals Revlon collection:

Left to right:  Copper Penny, Silver Dollar, Gold Coin.
And at Sallys some Finger Paints & China Glaze:
The box has Finger Paints Mistletoe Mischief & a bottle of clear, it was on clearance the same price as just the green.  The sparkly thing is their holiday topcoat with the generic name Sparkle Top Coat.  Bottom is China Glaze Pom Pom, Silver Lining & Dorothy Who?
That's all I can check off my to-do list today.  I still feel like crap, my boss actually said to stay home tomorrow if I'm not better ... I always feel like if I can haul my ass out of bed, get dressed & drive I should be on the job.  But we'll see if I can breathe through my nose in the morning LOL.  I'm actually glad these uploaded OK because I'm like 1% from my Picasa storage limit & haven't gotten around to purchasing more yet.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow I really like Copper Penny...very unique. I might have to go pick that up! Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  2. oooh please swatch the heavy metals, and more importantly- get well soon!

  3. I have the heavenly metals polishes and I love them!

  4. i would love to see a manicure with China Glaze Pom Pom!

  5. I am sick too! Get well soon!
    Great nail polishes

  6. Hello from Singapore (:

    I've been following your videos on youtube, and can I just say YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Your creativity and passion rlly brightens up my boring school days haha (:

  7. My girlfriend just picked up the Revlon's for me this past weekend. Hope you feel better soon.


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