Thursday, January 6, 2011

NOTD: Finger Paints Merry Mittens + m71*

Merry Mittens is from the Finger Paints holiday collection.  I did the stamping with China Glaze Passion & Born Pretty image plate m71* - since the BP plates use the same letter as regular Konad plates, I'll be denoting them with an asterisk when I post & in the tags.  I was going to use Ghetto Fabulous for the stamping but it wasn't showing up, was going to use 2030 but it wouldn't transfer - sometimes I think the Khrome polishes dry a bit faster than the older Romantiques, making the Romantiques easier to stamp with.  Anyway, here's the finished product:

I plan to have my full review of the plates up tomorrow, so stay tuned for that, and to really check some things off of my to-do list this weekend, like the top 20 =)  Also reeeaaally need to upgrade my Picasa storage before I just run into the wall when I go to upload LOL.  Thanks for reading.



  1. Does this have a lot of brown undertones...the bottle looks like it but I can't tell for sure. Thanks. :)

  2. ohhh I love the subtle way of stamp!!
    pretty color!!

  3. Love this polish on you. Delicate stamp, so pretty.

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