Saturday, January 15, 2011

NOTD: Green Swirls

I am so far behind ... & I thought I would get caught up today but instead ended up sleeping until 4 in the afternoon.  Still exhausted, this cold seriously kicked my butt.  I thought I was over it, but sleep requirements say otherwise LOL.
Anyway, this was my mani from Monday, and I was on a kick with drag marbling all week.  For this one, I used China Glaze Jolly Holly for my base, and marbled with a few drops of Peace on Earth:
These were my favorite nails:

I am, as you all know, a perfectionist =)  So the reason I did 2 more drag marbles after this one was, of course, because I wasn't totally happy with it.  Even though I can't even put my finger on what was bugging me - other than the bald spots, but they honestly weren't that noticeable from arms-length.
On another note - I am going to stop kidding myself.  I cannot keep up with comments when I try to say something, even just a thank you, to every comment.  I end up putting it off to the point that NOTHING gets answered.  So going forward, although I do read every comment & I love hearing from you guys, I will be mostly just answering questions.  Hopefully then I'll be able to stay more on top of things!
Thanks for reading.


  1. This is seriously gorgeous! Hopefully your nap did the trick and you're back in tip top shape.

  2. Your nails look really awesome...!! Green and blue are my favorite colors.
    Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

  3. Love this one... it's gorgeous! I love watching your videos and reading your blog!

    I did my very first marble last night and, though slightly messy, it turned out great! I shared it with the girls on the Zoya fan page on facebook, and they're trying it too! They all loved your videos as well.


  4. this is very pretty!!
    I like it a lot!!

  5. This marble is perfect. I love it!!

  6. With your job, family commitments, (dance) reality show obsession, reading habits, and trying to find time for yourself...there's NO way you can answer or respond to every blog and You Tube comment. We appreciate that you try, but we don't need you running yourself ragged.

  7. That's really gorgeous! As far as the comments, well, I think it's reasonable for me to respond to every comment on my blog because I only have 195 followers, but I do NOT expect anyone with as many followers as you to do the same. Really, I don't expect that of anyone...except myself. :)

  8. Ooh, I just got JH the other day and I love POE, and I really want to try this technique, I love it!

    I don't ever expect a blogger to reply to a comment, to be honest (as, you know, you all have lives to live :D), and when they do I usually am pretty thrilled and reply to say thank you! :)

  9. Hope your feeling much better. This manicure is fantastic. I love greens and this is gorgeous. Wish I had this on those polishes that you rub on your nails.

  10. Oh wow, this is even better than the purple marble I just commented on! I'm going to look through your posts to try to find a tutorial on this one, because now that I've seen it I don't think I can live without trying it out myself!

  11. I love this design, it is the most gorgeous i have seen. How have you done the pattern? It does not look like the other 2 drag marbeling and i would really love to try out this one.

    I am spreading your tutorials among friedns in Sweden and we all love them, thank you very much for taking the time to do them :)


Thanks for commenting! I will read every comment, and try to respond to any questions =)

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