Monday, August 13, 2012

NOTD: The Evolution of the Aubergine & Turquoise Water Marble + Tutorial

Up late again - lots & lots of pics for this one, because I kept it on for quite a while & so kept switching it up. It actually turned out better than I expect at every stage =)

I started out with a base color of Finger Paints Black Expressionism, a basic black. Then the marbling is done with NK Green Apple & NK After Dark - I was super pleased with how evenly I managed to place these chevrons on the nail:

Here's the tutorial:

After a few days I topped it with Finger Paints Motley:

And then topped that with Warpaint Beauty Mattify:

Which version is your favorite?  Leave a comment & let me know!

Thanks for reading.



  1. I like the final version best!

  2. I also like the original better. And I am amazed at how easy you make water marbling look. I think it's *very* difficult :)

  3. I must also admit I like the original version better. In that version you can really see the green metallic finish.

  4. This is awesome! I can't believe how well the colours go together!

  5. superlike....hi Colette....u e a genius n this is simply awesome...

  6. Damn, you are the queen of water marbling! That looks amazing!

  7. I also like the original best. I like the shimmer and gloss :D

  8. I think the original is my favorite, but I love them all!

  9. This is sooo pretty! I liked the first one best I think since it was so shiny :)

  10. Great watermarbeling! I love the matte look best

  11. I like the original the best, too, but I'm all for evolving a mani. It's great to change it up and have the variety, and to see how doing different things changes the original look.

    I really like the colours you chose on this. You always do such a fantastic job with that, but this is an especilly nice combo. Love the chevrons, too.

  12. absolutely gorgeous.. I'll have to try this soon!! Thanks for your incredible tutorials!! :)

  13. Very beautiful! I like all of them, but the two first best because I can't see the eggplant color in the mattified version. I'll try to remember this color combination.

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  16. Replies
    1. Girl i rally didnt mean to curse but they r so cute.:D

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