Friday, August 3, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Drawn to You

I was on a magnetic kick this week back at the end of February, apparently. This one is from the China Glaze Magnetics collection - the Magnetix II collection is already available online & in stores soon too by the way, and I like the colors but really am looking forward to the magnet with 3 more different designs.

This particular color I had a bit of trouble, I remember having to redo several nails & you can see a little bit of a blemish on my index finger where the magnet either touched or just pulled up the polish too much, Anyway, this is China Glaze Drawn to You:

I still love the whole magnetic look, but I never did get through wearing nearly all that I bought - & never got around to swatching the THIRTY Nabis that I bought either.  Yeah -30 bottles of magnetic, at what I considered a very reasonable ~$70 on ebay for the whole lot.

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  1. I literally just bought this polish!! About an hour ago! I used it on a wheel but haven't done a mani with it yet. I got it on Sallys clearance rack for 2.49 and found the little three way magnet for 1.99! I picked up several different colors but this one is my favorite. Its such a muted purple it doesn't jump out at you but its beautiful. I love your outdoor pic. Even prettier in daylight :) I love having the choice of different magnet designs. Great blog by the way!!!

  2. I haven't tired of any of my magnetic polished either. Even though I don't have nearly as many as you do. Great swatch, the magnetic effect turned out really nice.

  3. This is a really pretty one!

  4. Wow! So those lines on your nails came out all by themselves? Or is that some kind of water marble? I've never heard of this kind of polish. Its looks beautiful. BTW, thanks for ask the videos on YT. ;)

  5. Why does my polish dry fast in water and it won't let it swirl

  6. So pretty! Did you ever get around to using the Nabi magnetics? I tried to put it on... the polish is great, but the magnets are SUPER weak! The worst part is that I bought them for the different magnet patterns... May have to try them with different magnets because the Nabi ones don't do it at all!


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