Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest NOTD: Orly Sea Gurl

I am 99.5% sure that I've correctly identified this manicure of my mom's as Orly Sea Gurl from their Birds of a Feather collection - it's in my "backlogged pictures" pile/box, looks right, and rings a bell.  But I have that 0.5% of doubt LOL.

I'd like to wear this myself & I have a vague memory of purchasing it with something complimentary that I wanted to marble with but I couldn't tell you what off the top of my head.  Oh well - here is Sea Gurl, what I think I would describe as a slightly metallic deep taupe:

More posts to come ... maybe eventually even some posted during normal daylight hours!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Interesting color, very autumn like :)

  2. Lovely! Reminds me of Pure Ice: Risk Taker.

  3. I love watching your tutorials, they are so helpful with water marbling!! I lol yesterday at you explaining orange sticks- "They're kinda self explanatory." Hilarious! Thanks for what you do.

  4. Oh my your nails are so short! Never seen them that short what happened? You still have some of the best nails I have seen. Long or short!

  5. If you want to eliminate any doubt about the exact names of the polishes you photograph, snap a photo of the names before taking the real photos. You won't have to post those ID photos, just keep them long enough to know for your blog posts, then delete once you're written your post. Thanks for being awesome.


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