Thursday, August 23, 2012

NOTD: Blue & Blue Water Marble + Tutorial

Marbling doesn't have to be intricate color combinations or detailed designs - this is about as simple as it gets, a two-toned one color combination with simple petal shapes - base color is Wet n Wild Rain Check, marbling done with RC & Wet n Wild Sapphire Blue:

Here are a few of my favorite nails - I  think the one that went crooked may actually be my favorite of all:

Here's the tutorial:

Feathers? Raindrops? Option number 3? LOL let me know what it reminds you of =)



  1. Amazing! I've tried water marbling twice, but my polishes didn't behave as yours do on the video - after a few drops they refused to spread in the water :|
    Your mani is very beautiful!

    1. What kind of polish are you using? Also the water really needs to be filtered and room temperature.

      Took me a while to get the technique down. Don't give up!

  2. i love the effect! it's like water waves ^_^

  3. I love your designs. And thank you for the tutorials, they helped me a lot when I did water marble.
    Beautiful nails, btw :)

  4. Hi Colette :) Thank you for another beautiful nail design. My next mani I will do this. I discovered you on YouTube, and I follow your posts almost daily. Thank you for being an inspiration to many. I have learned a lot from you and it is much appreciated. I never knew a cotton ball could be unrolled, lol. The foil trick for removing polish is great also. I was using about 2 bags of 100 a month, not anymore.
    I have a tip to share with you and your followers. I recently got into stamping. I love it! Some of the plates did not come with their own packaging so, I was storing some manicure items using the snack size baggies. I realized that using my Foodsaver vacuum sealer, I could create 2 small pouches from 1 snack size baggie that is perfect to store each plate individually. It is the perfect size. Pass it on :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Very awesome work on this one as well as all the others and I agree that the 5-purple marble is the epic winner....PURPLE GURLZ UNITE!!!!!! lol

  6. P.S. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to more marbles!

  7. Kinda reminds me of scales :) Really nice mani, as always

  8. Very cool design! 1 of my favorite:)


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