Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest NOTD: Mom's 2nd Konad (Sally Girl Periwinkle + bm03)

I thought this was so pretty, and it was hilarious because Mom was nitpicking it the way I normally would my own - she was frustrated with trying to exactly center the circular design, and also with the fact that some flowers had the petals pointed towards her tips, and some had the leaves pointed towards the tips.  Base color is Sally Girl Periwinkle (from a recent haul yet to be posted), stamping done with Nubar Unfaithful Red & plate bm03:

And as she's wearing this, she says to me, "So I already have an idea for my next mani ..."  LOL!
Thanks for reading =)


  1. I watch you all the time on youtube. Your mom is great! And I love that red!

  2. LOL your mom is awesome! Love her guest spots!

  3. I can't believe your mom has only done this twice and is already that good! I haven't tried stamping yet but I've heard some people talk about how difficult it can be. Your mom has definitely inspired me to just try it. =)

  4. Hey darling!
    Reading u from Brazil!
    Love your blog and videos!
    Nice color...

  5. My mom is the same! In fact, she was over here on Saturday as we attempted to do water marbling for the first time (following your tutorial videos of course) and she was all braggy about how she got the water marbling to work while me and my friend were srsly struggling with our color choices.

  6. And you got yourself a brand new follower from France :p
    Thanks !

  7. You've created another Konading monster! She's really done a beautiful job. I have to try mine out. I'm just so lazy about it. Once I get the polish on I think it looks so pretty I don't want to cover it.

  8. I think the same when it comes to the tips or the flowers pointing in the same direction. So adorable!


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