Saturday, March 19, 2011

NOTD: Green w/ Gold Scribble (Revlon Emerald City + Gold Coin) + Tutorial

This did turn out to be my St. Patrick's Day manicure, base color is Revlon Emerald City, drag marbling done with Revlon Gold Coin:

Here's the tutorial:
I didn't get as many designs for St. Patrick's Day done as I actually had in my head ... guess I'll have to save them for next year =)  Because its time to move on to Easter now!
Thanks for reading.


  1. I like this! Very pretty. Can't wait to see what you'll do for Easter.

  2. This one's real simple and lovely! I'll love to try this one out the next time!!
    And I hope everything is getting better for you. *hugs*

  3. This is very pretty,

    I like this technique, scribble, I try to do it with two different polish's but always have a few bare spots. I watched your video and will probably use more polish, it looks like it works way better with alot of polish on the nail

  4. This is a great simple one, and still gorgeous!

  5. Oh that's gorgeous, but then again, your manis always are!

  6. love the video!and importantly love the mani!

    I hope things get better for you hunny!

    /Hugs to you!!!


  7. I love the mani! Your creativity always shocks me. And you make everything look SO easy.

  8. Simple but very lovely. I find the time I take to do my mani's is my time to stop and just relax'n breathe. Make sure you do too!

  9. love it!!!
    this style is super..=P
    you´re great

  10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your BIG nails!!!


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