Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Hauls

Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, I have been a little stressed out with some family business.  I meant to get more of a handle on my backlog today but since it's getting late I guess I can call that a fail LOL. 3-4 NOTDs, not to mention all the other stuff I've been putting off.  But here's what I bought in February:
I was at Claire's looking for the colors that are close dupes to some Mac colors ... I don't remember any of the names LOL but I didn't find them.  I did  however find too much bling for me to pass up:
Creatively named Glitter Top Coat & Gold Glitter Top Coat.
I somehow managed to spend enough to get a Level 3 rewards certificate at Ulta ... I didn't like any of the Level 3 rewards though, so I got a Level 1 & a Level 2:
Ulta Little Black Dress & OPI Light My Sapphire.
Luckily I had a 15% off coupon when I went to Sallys, because I damn near cleaned out their special displays LOL.  Mostly China Glaze and just one Orly that I couldn't resist:
Orly Royal Velvet, from the Precious collection; & the China Glaze Crackle collection (minus the black which was sold out):  Fault Line, Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Cracked Concrete & Lightning Bolt.  I decided to swatch them too - half the nail white, half black, except for the white which I did half pink.  The purple is not included because I actually did a full mani with that I will be showing you guys =)
Same trip, I also picked up the majority of the Tronica colors, and I scrounged the rest from a couple of other stores.  Here is the entire collection:

Top row:  Techno Teal, Virtual Violet, Electra Magenta, Gamer Glam, High Def, Hologram.  Bottom:  Hyper Haute, 3D Fantasy, Digital Dawn, Cyberspace, Mega Byte, & Laser Lime.  Now don't get me wrong, they're all very pretty - but this collection is nowhere near a replacement for the OMG collection.  Not even close.  I'm almost a little offended that China Glaze has the balls to call these holographic.
I got a lot of pics of these swatched with the OMG & Kaleidoscope collections - I'm going to make the comparisons a post all its own.  Should have that up tomorrow if I get all the pics edited.
Thanks for reading =)


  1. Colette I finally got all the OMG collection. Paid a crazy amount for it but I believe it was well worth the cost! :)

  2. i went to my not so local sally's today to try and find the crackle polishes but they didn't have them :( im loving all your colours though :)

  3. My Sally's only had the white crackle. I did happen to pickup Electra Magenta though!!

  4. Great haul. I love that Orly polish, its so pretty!

  5. Awesome haul! I love the crackles!

  6. I can't wait to get the Tronica collection! My sister is taking me to Cosmoprof for my birthday next week... Teehee!

    I love holos... I just got a few Nfu Oh holos in the mail... they're more linear, where I think the Tron's are more scattered. Love them both though! I only have 2 from OMG - IDK and 2Nite. I need more!

  7. I got the crackles too, and two base colors are nice! I love looking at your hauls, so neatly pictured too. Pretty soon you'll be posting pictures of the stacked Helmer's, lol :)

  8. nice haul!!! would the Claire's glitter be a CG fairy dust dup?

  9. I guess I'll steal thse crackle ideas ;D

  10. lovely polishes!
    I love the crackle

  11. SILENCE IS LOUD - they're not dupes, but definitely close cousins =) the Claire's is more holo, and the glitter is larger than what's in Fairy Dust

  12. I bought the Techno Teal yesterday and while I like it - I was disappointed in the holo effect. I started into the nail blogs long after the OMG collection. Looks like I missed some good ones!

  13. I haven't seen the Tronica collection online yet. That's where I do all my shopping. I wish they would put it up! I want it badly. You did some nice hauling.

  14. We have not observed the actual Tronica selection on the internet however. That is exactly where I actually do just about all my personal buying. We desire they'd place it upward! I'd like this terribly. A person do a few good carrying.

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