Monday, November 8, 2010

TOTD: China Glaze Yee-Haw

It's really too cold for sandals now, but I can't stand to have my toes naked.  I've had this on for quite a while now, but it still looks pretty good - I actually just got around to finishing the pics LOL.  2 of the below were taken today, 2 taken a little over a week ago.  From the Rodeo Diva collection, this is China Glaze Yee-Haw:

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  1. Hey there. I know what you mean! I keep my toe nails painted through out the fall and winter too. They just look so sad when not! This polish looks so pretty on your toes. I have it too,I just haven't worn it in awhile.

  2. I really like that color! I keep my toe nails painted, too...if I don't, they look so naked to me!

  3. Nice polish color! I keep my toes painted most of the time too! I give them a break once in a while though! :)


  4. That one looks amazing with your skintone!

  5. I haven't painted my toes in many years. I love pretty painted toes in the summer. Like that shade on your cute tootsies.

  6. This looks really nice! I like to keep my toenails painted, too, even though I'm not a huge sandal person even in summer.


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