Monday, November 15, 2010

October & November Hauls

I've lost track of exactly how many hauls this was ... So I tried to just break it up into logical groups LOL.  First group is Claire's polishes - I went with the intention of getting some of the new mood changing colors, but when I saw them in person I wasn't impressed.  But I found these 2 on clearance:
Left to right:  Daisy, Kelly Green
I also hit probably 8 Dollar Trees - but I only had luck at I think 2 of those stores:
Top:  NYC 225, NYC Molten Metal, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Reddy to Mingle.  Bottom:  Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond (I don't know what's up with these 2 little stumpy bottles BTW, I actually already had both of these colors but they are in bottles like the third one), Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Lavender Pearl.
I had a 20% off coupon for Sallys.  And I took full advantage =)  A few Finger Paints:
Holly Good Time, Merry Mittens, Just Plum Fun.
Some Orly:
Top row, holiday colors:  Candy Cane Lane, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.  Bottom row, I lucked out & found half of the Cosmic FX collection on clearance:  Out of This World, Lunar Eclipse, It's Not Rocket Science.
They also had most of the China Glaze Christmas collection ... I tried to restrain myself, but now I'm wishing I'd picked up that dark green shimmer, the dark red, maybe the blue ... LOL I'll try to be happy with what I have:
Left to right:  Mistletoe Kisses, Cheers to You, Midnight Kiss, Peace on Earth, Sugar Plums.
Enough polish?  No, not yet!  While scouring Sallys looking for the rest of the Cosmic FX on sale (no luck unfortunately ...) I stopped at a nail shop I'd always just driven by ... and picked up some dusties:

Top - out of the 3 OPIs, only one actually had a label, so...:  Have You Seen My Limo?, ??, & ?.  The middle one gets 2 ?? because not only is it not labelled, the bottle claims it's OPI Acrylic Base Coat - which, as I've already worn it, I can assure you it is not.  It might not even be OPI, but I don't care because it went on like butter & looked awesome on.  Bottom row, all China Glaze:  Rapture, Vertical Rush, Orchid Shadow & Whimsical.
So, those are my hauls over the past couple weeks.  I feel closer to being caught up posting this, although I'm still like 4 NOTDs behind.  But they're on the way =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. Hiii, I'm not 100% sure but I think (the way your camera took the pic) the 3rd label less OPI might be "Give Me The Moon" (gray with a blue duo-chrome). It's from the OPI Night Brights Collection that included the original My Private Jet. If it's more of a frosty white then it might be Kyoto Pearl, Abalone Shell, Pearl's Night Out or Elles Pearl. And OPI absolutely does make an Acrylic Nails Base Coat but I've never seen a shimmery purple/blue one. It's a sheer white shimmery color. It could just be super old and changed color in the bottle over time. The lettering even looks dated. None the less, great haul and thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful choice.... again some wonderful water marble to come ^^

  3. OMG!! sally's has the Cosmix on sale!!! wowzers! i might have to check mine out and get some backups ;)

  4. Mega haul indeed! Fancy sending some over here? I can help you swatch, lol!

  5. Very nice haul! I love getting polishes from Dollar Stores. You never know what's there. Nice find polish at the dusties.

  6. Me too, I have to go ASAP to check the sale rack at my sally's ^_^.
    I love FP Holly Good Times!

  7. thanks for the heads up went to sallys and scored by getting super cheap China glaze halloween shades and and few of the fx collection. hah mades me happy but not my wallet!

  8. EVERYONE - Thanks =)

    CNDNAILTECH - Thanks for the suggestions! =)

  9. ahhh you found the nail prisms?!?!?!?!?! haha swap ;)


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