Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Hauls

Yes, several hauls ... 'cause, you know, I need more polish.  NEED it =)
I never used to go to Ulta ... then I got a coupon from someone else, then I got their card, now I get coupons freaking all the time & they whisper at me to spend them ... and if I don't have a coupon from the mail & need a polish fix, 95% of the time there's one to be printed from their website LOL.
China Glaze was buy 2 get 1 I believe for this trip:

Left to right:  Jolly Holly & Little Drummer Boy - both from the 'Tis the Season to be Naught & Nice holiday collection.  & then Swing Baby, from the Vintage Vixen collection.
Then I went to Target & just couldn't resist the glitter in this Elf 3-pack:
Left to right:  Twinkle, Golden Goddess & Cranberry.
Yesterday I made another stop at Ulta:
Left to right:  Emerald City, Ruby Ribbon & Perplex - which Revlon is touting as a Paradoxal dupe.  I don't have it to compare, but this color is gorgeous enough that I want a backup bottle =)  It's on my nails as I type & it's making me very happy.
...and then today I stopped at a different Ulta.  I've mentioned they've started carrying Barielle - these were the first that tempted me to buy them:
Top - from the Barielle Holiday Hustle collection, Jess' Champagne Toast, Elle's Spell.  Bottom - from Essie's Winter collection, Smokin' Hot & Going Incognito, and from their Fall collection Sew Psyched.
I should be good for a while now ... probably.  Maybe.  We'll see =)

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  1. I saw that elf set and passed. I don't think you're done because Ulta has an exclusive set Opi 3 colors :)

  2. ive been hearing on the nail board on MUA that Perplex might be going into the permanent line. i hope because i was considering a back-up bottle, too, but if i dont have to then that would be nice.

  3. lol very nice colors!!
    and you are also a polish addict
    just like me...!!

  4. LOL, I feel like if you wanted to, you could roll around in your polish.
    Awesome haul!

  5. cute haul. i went to Ulta yesteday and were packed with Holiday shoppers. i wanted Frosty but it wasn't part of their CG display :(

  6. Lovely colours.I have put the elf set on my christmas list :) xx


  7. Funnily enough, I went shopping last week and got 3 for 2 on China Glaze. Bought the same two from the christmas collection. I have jolly holly on at the mo, and I love it.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love that China Glaze at the top, Swing Baby. I'll need to find some swatches of that! Nice haul (:

  9. oeh I`m very very curious about those Revlon swatches!!

  10. Hi!
    We're from Brazil and always read your blog.
    And we love it! ;)

  11. EVERYONE - Thanks =)

    RMCANDLELIGHT - I saw them in the flyer & they are gorgeous! Was going to go get them today but had to dig out from the snow that got dumped Friday night LOL

  12. Nice haul! I have to add many of these polishes to my list.


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