Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just (Ballet) Dance

I miss So You Think You Can Dance ... Dancing With The Stars is OK, but just not as interesting, not to mention of course that a lot of the stars can't dance for crap (even getting close to the finals this year ... WTF is Bristol Palin still doing on the show?!).
Anyway, I've been finding a few channels on YouTube to get my dancing fix, and one of my subscriptions is to the Anaheim Ballet.  They upload short clips on a weekly basis - like this one that I linked to after seeing their costume preview for the Nutcracker:
If you like dance, I really do recommend you check out their channel =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. My mom and dad like to say that Bristol has the whole state of Alaska voting for her because I don't understand why she's still here!

    I'm not sure if you're into hiphop but I really love this guy for his choreo-

  2. i love watching ballet. its sooo beautiful! i took dance when i was 4 and it lasted a day. i wish i had stayed in it because i would love to be able to dance like that. and be that flexible! haha. i dont know what it is, besides the twirling, maybe its the way it looks when they point their toes and arm movements??? lol. not sure. ive ALWAYS wanted a pair of toe shoes though. LOOOOVE. but not what they do to their feet. yikes!

  3. I was just watching this last night... makes me miss dancing so much, im definitely getting back into it though. Subscribe to their channel, they have lots of great videos!!

  4. Anaheim ballet videos are really fun :)
    I love to watch vids of my fave ballerinas and see how amazing they are, like Svetlana Zakharova!

    I love ballet...I feel so bad that I haven't been very well and stopped attending my classes 5 months ago... But I will go back, ballet is such a wonderful dance !

  5. I love both programs. Bristol should have been gone weeks ago. I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance. Love to watch ballet. I never thought of looking to You Tube for it. Thanks.

  6. MAI - at least she didn't win! I was happy Jennifer won =)

    KALEE - I think it's they make it look so effortless, but we *know* it's not =)

    NAILS & THINGS - I did, they are some I actually try to watch right away when I see a new vid =)

    SARAH B - I'm sure you will get back to it once your in good health again =)

    LUCY - LOL, when American Idol starts, all I think the last few years is, SYTYCD will start as soon as this is over!


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