Monday, December 16, 2013

NOTD: Ornate Holiday Teal & Gold Water Marble + Tutorrial

For my third and final look for Formula X for Sephora I decided to go with a water marble.  I used Enigma for my base color, then marbled with Enigma, Orbit and Iconic:

I really loved the variety that I got - all the nails similar, but of course none the same; the fact that the index and ring fingers ended up more light and the pinkie and middle more dark on both hands was a happy accident:

You can check out the tutorial here:

These Formula X colors have been very versatile to work with - not all of the colors work for marbling of course, but it didn't take too many tries to find this combination & they performed together well.

Thanks for reading.


 (These were sent to me for review) 


  1. Love it!! And I'm obsessed with Formula X polishes! They're awesome!

  2. I love your blog and I anxiously await more posts. I found your blog a little while ago and have went through some of your previous posts. You are so talented and I hope I can recreate some of your designs, especially your water marbling.

  3. can you do the colors of the Italian flag? Green, red, and white. I love the water marble and because of your videos i have been doing it for a year now.

  4. i just really wanted to thank you :)

    when i started getting interested in nail art, yours was the first blog and youtube channel that i found. i was fascinated by all that you've done with your nails, and i was so appreciative for all of the tutorials. i followed your water marbling tutorial, and i was completely hooked. i'm nowhere near as skilled as you are ( but i had to drop you a line to thank you for all of your vids and posts.

    you inspire me!

  5. i have recently became familiar with your blog and i love ur water marbeling but i have a rquest can u do a purple like shimmery gray and a whit

  6. I really love this color combo!!

  7. Love the Formula X for Sephora. Awesome!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

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