Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! (3 NOTDs)

Well, I'm off to brave the blizzard & make the trip to grandma's house shortly, and I'll take some pics of the ridiculous amounts of snow we got when I go out, but I thought I'd throw up some NOTDs & wish everyone a Merry Christmas before I leave =)

Here is my Christmas NOTD, using China Glaze Emerald Sparkle & Ruby Pumps. As usual, pics don't do justice to either one of these colors:

Here is Mom's Christmas NOTD, one of my Dollar Tree haul polishes, Maybelline Blackened Teal:

And, here's a blast from the past, my NOTD from LAST Christmas! I didn't take too many pics of my nails before I started the blog, but these were an exception. I believe this color is Cover Girl Boundless Color Goldstar, but I'm not 100% positive. I'm not sure what Konad plate this is, I'll try to come back later & edit in the info once I have time to dig it out (EDIT: image plate m59):

Stay safe & be happy everyone =) Thanks for reading.



  1. These 2 China Glazes are the most used nail polishes in this xmas!! I love both of them!

  2. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    CAMILA - They're just perfect for the holiday =)

  3. I used the same colors. I did mine the predictable way, every other nail. I like the way you've done your manicure. I like the shade of your Mother's polish. Very pretty.


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