Thursday, December 10, 2009

RBL Tests My Willpower

A 5-hour long half-price Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale? Yes, please! Uhhh, no-buy? That was going to start January 1st ... right? I don't know. I've still got a few days to decide, but take a look at the notice that RBL VIPs received via email:

For five hours only, save an astonishing
50% OFF all Rescue Beauty nail polishes

Use Code "VIP 5 HOUR" at checkout.

Because from Noon to 5pm (EST) on Tuesday, December 15th, you can save 50% on each and every Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish.

Shhh, don't tell a soul. Well, okay, maybe your BFF and boss and your "always in the know" sister. But that's it. This sale is for VIPs only.

Stock up on classics, take some risks, complete your holiday shopping with a few strategic clicks of your mouse. So plan accordingly. Because like that last pair of OTK black patent boots in your size, this offer will be gone before you know it.

Tuesday, December 15th Noon to 5pm (EST)only. 50% off!

Use Code "VIP 5 HOUR" at checkout.

Ladies, get your mouse warmed up.


Not that $9.00 for polish is cheap mind you. But I LOVE my 3 RBL polishes (the Blogger collection) & I said when I got them that I wanted to get more the next time there was a good sale ... which this certainly is. ARGH! I just didn't know it would happen right after I've already bought so much, although logically Christmas is an optimal time for a sale.

We got dumped on snow-wise the past couple days, so with shovelling & everything else I've gotten behind posting pics. I have 3 NOTDs & 1 TOTD pics waiting to be edited & posted. I might get them edited tonight & posted tomorrow, since I have Friday off of work. I'll be going to the holiday show, but if I don't sleep in too late I should have some time in the morning =) We'll see, otherwise I'll post when I get home. But I will get caught up! Eventually LOL.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I put myself on a no-buy a few days ago, but when I heard about this sale, I could feel my willpower faltering. There are two that I've really been wanting, and 9 dollars for RBL? Amazing! My only hangup is the shipping. That's still pretty expensive, isn't it?

  2. I hope I can get on the web site. I really want to get a few polishes.

  3. JEAN - When I got the blogger collection earlier this year, the shipping for 3 bottles was $8.50. I don't think that's too bad, but I'm not sure how much it goes up depending on how many bottles you buy.

    LUCY - Hope you got a good haul!


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