Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guest NOTD: Black + China Glaze Haute Metal

I don't remember what exact black Mom used for the base of this - I guess it doesn't matter that much, since the star of the show was China Glaze Haute Metal from their metallic Crackle Glaze collection:

More to come tonight =)  Thanks for reading!



  1. Love it! I know many people are over crackles but just look how gorgeous that is!!

  2. I agree, this is just a very pretty color and the contrast with the black makes it pop!

    Also, just watched your stained glass nail video tutorial and it's great. The stained glass look is soo pretty, I'm definitely going to try it. Your stained glass nails looked amazing. :)

  3. i love the creackles but i bought a 3.99 bottle at sally's beauty and i tore off the reduced price tag an i thought it was a pretty glittery green but it was crackle lol i was pissed but oh well its nice for christmas or a wedding im going to coming up soon.


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