Friday, August 26, 2011

TOTD: Icing Green with Envy

I've been taking such poor pedicure pics - like not remembering to take any until I'm about to take it off, instead of taking some at the beginning LOL.  Such is the case with this - one coat of Icing Green with Envy over one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme:

I really liked this, but then I needed to switch it out quick - & how to you get rid of glitter quick?  Cover it up with more glitter!  I did another coat of black & a coat of Finger Paints Purple Palette, a purple glitter - it was awesome & I wore it like that for another 2 weeks - & managed not to take ANY pictures =(  I'm such a spazz & I have come to terms with that LOL.  I just changed my pedi though & managed to squeeze in some pics on only the 3rd day so I'm trying to get back on the right track =)
Thanks for reading.


  1. That's lovely colour, I have got a look-a-like (yeah) xx

  2. I like this polish. I have a similar color on my toes right now too!

  3. Green is one my fave color too. I have some similar shades...
    Have a nice weekend!
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.

  4. I just changed up my Green Apple sparkle from Zoya on my toes by starting with black and putting Apple over it to bring the brightness of Gr. Apple down some. Really came out great. The Zoya summer Sunshine collection that is all sparkles are hard to get off - but not as hard as glitters are. I love your idea and have used it in the past as well by not having time to deal with getting glitter off my toes so I slap on 2 more shades on top of it. But then it's REALLY a project to take off. We need to invent something to remove glitters and not take off our skin around the nails off with it, that takes it off without a ton of elbow grease rubbing!


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