Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NOTD: Icing Birds of Paradise

Not quite as awesome as Epic Winning was - still a pretty glitter though.  Icing Birds of Paradise is a medium mauve-ish color with gold glitter that at certain angles gives a duo-chrome flash of turquoise - take my word because I couldn't capture it in pics LOL.  It was a tad sheer even at 4 coats, but the VNL wasn't as bad in real life as it looks in a few of these:

Behind behind behind ... what else is new?  I have a small Zoya haul to post, another NOTD, some pics of mom's nails, and it just dawned on me over the weekend that I never caught up with my book list either.
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  1. very girly and pretty color and sparkle :)

  2. freaking awesome!!!

  3. An amazing shade. But...where to buy Icing? For us in the boonies - no idea.

  4. I picked this up a while ago (along with Epic Winning and a few other glitters!) and still haven't used it...it's so pretty!

  5. I bet it would look nice in a marbling!

  6. Hi,My name is Nathane. I loved your blog very, very well organized, has great tutorials, great shots and very well written text. I am Brazilian and here we are also crazy about nail polish ..
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  7. I love this color! And your nails have grown so fast. I am jealous. I had to trim mine down a few days ago. *sob*

    <3 Shannon


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