Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hauls, Gifts & More Crackle Swatches

Small hauls, but quite a bit of polish when all taken together.  Some hauls I bought myself, some gift hauls from friends & family =)
First I have a couple from Walgreens that I got when I picked up my prescription:
I'd never heard of the brand on the left, 2012 Max Makeup Cherimoya - have any of you?  This green crackle is called Crucify, and the Revlon is Royal Cloak from a special display that I forget the name of.
Stopped at Sallys to use my 15% off coupon, picked up some top coat & supplies & also these 2 Finger Paints Crackles:
Named, un-creatively enough, Purple Crackle & Blue Crackle.
I stopped at Claire's mainly to check their clearance, but then I spotted their Crackles:
I realized after I lined them up that the stem on the white was longer than all the others, which is kind of weird.  They don't have actual names, so they're just pink, black, white & silver.

Then these are back from my birthday last month, from my friend Sam:

Top is the brand Love & Beauty, and they didn't have names so they're just blue, neon green & yellow glitter.  Bottom is Mood Struck Berry Pink to Neon Pink, Teal to Turquoise & Purple to Light Pink.
And a gift just a week or so ago from my aunt:

Top is Savina Money Tree, then Revlon Bright Sky, Mauve Twinkle, Golden Glimmer & Lavender Light.  Bottom row is L.A. Colors Bright Pink, then Cover Girl Pink Twinkle & Crystal Mist.
Here's the vid:
& then here are some close-up pics of the crackle combinations I show at the very end of the vid - the bad on top & the good (with a layer of topcoat between the 2 crackles) on the bottom:

I think that's everything ... for now =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. please, tell me, what protects the skin on your fingers? i'm going to try to do it, but i'm so scared :D i really afraid of cleaning after work...

  2. Thats a lot of great polishes!

  3. The only place i've seen that 2012 Crackle stuff is online at and they have them in every color under the sun. I haven't tried it though.

  4. Great Stuff, I also picked up one of the 2012 Crackle at Walgreen's in the silver. I like it better then the OPI Silver I had. You can actually see the crackle in this one. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Great haul! The Love & Beauty Green looks awesome. I have two of the 2012 crackles in green and orange. The green worked fine but the orange was super thick and did not work. I have put thinner in it and it works better now but it isn't as orange as it shows in the bottle. Total let down on that one.

  6. I bought a few of the 2012 crackles. The colors are great and they apply great and work really well, but I find the chemical smell to be really overpowering. I'm planning to return them.

  7. Maybe the second crackle layer would crack better if you put a top coat over the first layer of crackle. I tried using 2 crackles and the second one just cracked where the first one did.

  8. I have Royal Cloak. It's from their Masquerading collection. Now, I have no idea if that's a special collection or their fall collection, I just remember when I picked it up that it was called Masquerading.

  9. I've tried crackle over crackle and it helped to put a thick layer of fast dry top coat between crackle layers. It's fun to watch your experiments!

  10. In the Minneapolis area (NE & NE burbs), I have seen the 2012 crackles for different prices @ different Walgreens. But the most common price is 2.99 or 2 for $5. I picked up white & red that I didn't get from Sally Hansen, a teal creme, Savior, which I have on currently over CG For Audrey and a magenta creme. I think they work fine, have a huge selection of colors (it looks like there are 50 or more!) and @ $2.50 they are a great deal!

  11. Gorgeous colours! I love the crackle effect.

  12. Gosh, I want Royal Cloak. I wish the sold the same collections here in Canada and even though we have Revlon, a lot of the collections don't make it here. Gah!


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