Monday, February 11, 2013

NOTD: Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black

Ironic to be posting an old holo manicure as I'm wearing one of my new holos =)  (I'm enjoying Color Club Miss Bliss currently, if you're wondering)

Layla is a bit on the expensive side, but if you love holographic polish they're worth adding to your collection I think.  Here's a look at Flash Black:

And an even better look - in motion:

I wish it were still as nice out as when I shot this vid back in the summer - if I do a polish in motion for my current color I'm going to end up with pretty cold fingers LOL.

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  1. i found some Layla hologram effects on sale at em for $6.99 each! picked up 6 out of the 8 colors..i heard they did another set of eight colors but i dont see em anywhere to buy?

  2. Beautiful!! I was given this as a gift from a very lovely friend a few weeks ago, having been desperate for it for months! :) xx

  3. Oh Colette, you kill me! I wish I could afford these. Hoping to get some of the Color Club holos soon. *fingers crossed*


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