Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc Whitehall

So, tired as I am during the week, for some reason I don't go to bed early on Fridays ... I suppose I could, but somehow I always end up staying up later than I intend.  At least tonight I am being productive =)  I plan on posting a lot this weekend - starting now!

This is my last manicure from ... January.  I suck so bad LOL.  I can't even fool myself that I can conceivably get caught up in a single weekend at this point.  But if I can start doing several posts a day, maybe I can make a dent in this huge backlog - I really appreciate all of your patience =)

Nails Inc Whitehall is an awesome teal magnetic polish.  I am still madly in love with magnetics & I saw a promo pic somewhere a few days ago that China Glaze is coming out with a 2nd collection that I'm looking forward to. I started off with it glossy:

Then I had to do a couple days matte:

I think this may be the first blog post with my new matte topcoat?  Many of you may know that Matte Magic is HTF if not completely discontinued, so I picked up Warpaint Beauty Mattify because it was the cheapest one that I came across.  I still have a bit of MM left but I'm glad to know there is an easily available alternative - Warpaint Beauty is sold at Hot Topic (& elsewhere as well I'm sure but I don't know where).

Here's a look at both versions in motion - I love the depth of magnetic polishes, the seemingly peaks & valleys inside the polish:

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  1. Personally I love teal polish. I'm just now getting caught up with the crowd on the magnetic's! Oh I was going to mention that Hard Candy has a matte top coat and now NYC has a matte topcoat. NYC is probably the cheapest but personally I haven't tried it out yet. I was just throwing that out there because I couldn't remember if and when you said the price on the HT brand.

  2. This magnetic colour suits you a lot! I prefer it shiny though!

  3. I like the magnetics too. I recently bought one of the china glaze magnetix and was a bit upset because I canot not get the magnet to work, so idk what I'm going to do. Did you have any problems with the china glaslze?

  4. Love it! Finally got some magnetic polishes for myself (found the Nabis!) and I'm going to try experimenting with making my own magnet designs.

  5. Magnetic polishes look so awesome on your nails because they're so long and you can see a full wave period! It's not very interesting on my itty bitty nails...

  6. Love magnetic nail! I just done my fimo nail art!
    Check it out!

  7. Echt super mooi gedaan , ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin,
    volg je me terug? xx

  8. Wow that looks really really amazing!


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