Monday, April 9, 2012

Macy's Spring 2012 Flower Show

I thought that since I'm going to the conservatory today, I'd start off with some pics from a bit over a week ago when we went to the Macy's Flower Show =)  Which is, I must add, back in the auditorium where it belongs.  The theme was Brasil Gardens of Paradise, and while it wasn't the most impressive show I've ever seen them put on, I enjoyed it a lot.  Here are some of my favorite pics:

The toucan was made completely out of flowers! 

Yes - it's an adorable tiny pineapple!

The kitty is mechanized so it moves a bit & looks like it's breathing or purring =)  We've seen him appear in several shows! 

So, as I said, off work today & off to the Como Park Conservatory to see their spring show.  I hope to have time to edit some nail pics & post more once I get home - and of course will have some more gorgeous flowers to share with you guys too =)

Thanks for reading.  (And for being so patient with my non-regularly posting self!)



  1. Loved that framed art! I'm Brazilian in WI, that would be perfect in my home office.

  2. Beautiful photos and you even captured several of my faves....the Cala Lily :) I bet the aroma in there was to die for!

  3. I love flowers and nature... Very pretty...

  4. Gorgeous colours!! I would feel so happy there!

  5. Fantastic photos of fantastic flowers!
    I especially liked the one with the blue orchid, and the pineapple, and the last one!

  6. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing ;0).

  7. I love flowers. I went to an Orchid show a few Saturday's ago and the Orchids were stunning.

  8. Thanks for the post!!!! amazing as every year

    Natalia (Australia)

  9. Neat. I went to the Chicago one last week and blogged about it too. We didn't have he cat sadly.

  10. Those are some seriously gorgeous flowers! Thank you for sharing the photos!

  11. Great collection! I love nature and its beautiful.

  12. These photos are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I would be so honored if you read and commented on my lastest blog post, What Do Your Nails Say About YOU??

    Keep up the fantastic are such an inspiration! :)

    -Custom Nail Solutions

  13. Hi!! I'm from Brasil!! I'd like to say I just love your tutorials!!!! Congrats they are beautiful and useful!!
    Beijos from Brasil!!


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