Saturday, February 11, 2012

Haul & Swatches - Icing & Claire's Magnetix, Glitter Crackles, Etc

This is around hmm, probably half the hauling I've done lately LOL.  I'll be posting up the other half, which is mainly an order from Nailogy, a little later.

Here's a closer look at the Icing polishes:

Pink, Blue & Silver Magnetix & Purple Glitter Crackle.  I really don't like that Icing doesn't name any of their polishes that have effects.

From Claire's:

Gold Magnetix, Fuchsia & Turquoise Glitter Crackle, & Night Sky - which did in fact turn out to be a dupe for Icing Epic Winning, as you can see in the swatch vid below.

From Hot Topic:

Warpaint Beauty matte top coat Mattify & glow in the dark Glow Turq.

The China Glaze Ulta Exclusive Holiday colors I was so thrilled to find:

Fireside Glow, Ultamate Holiday & Mistletoe Me.

Zoyas - my 2 free bottles & my 2 clearance bottles:

And those that I only had one of each brand:

OPI DS Temptation, Nails Inc magnetic Whitehall, Sephora by OPI Blasted Opalescent Gold, Barielle Pink Sherbert,  Wet n Wild Disturbia (which had something of an accident when I was marbling with it LOL - right into the cup so that's why it's go pink all over).

Lastly (for now), here's a look at a comparison of Night Sky & Epic Winning, swatches of all the Magnetix, and swatches of the glitter crackles:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. lol Those are the exact two Warpaints I picked up!! XD So jealous of your hauls.

  2. wow, awesome haul!!

  3. Great video, although you don't sound like you should even be out of bed, LOL. However, I was amused at how the instant you started talking polish, your entire face lit up and you were instantly reenergized! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about polish. :)

    Not trying to toot my own horn, but I do a series called "weekly blog news" on my site where I post about interesting stuff I've seen that other nail philes might have missed. Among the news I'd share with you is:
    -The week of 2/12, Sinful Colors will be $1 at Walgreens.
    -Spoiled nail polishes have arrived at my local CVS, I've linked to a blog that has a bunch of swatches. It's a CVS exclusive, but you can also order it online.
    -Jordana has a new series of glitters out at KMart. Libby's Pink Vanity has them, so I'm assuming they're widely available. I plan to visit my Kmart this week. It's a Kmart exclusive, but you can also order it online. (The Nouveau Cheap blog swatched a lot of them!)
    -There is a Clarin 230-like polish that's only available in Europe by Max Factor.

    Sorry for the length of the comment, but you did ask for polish news!

  4. Thx for the inspiring haul & swatch vid. You do an awsome job with these recordings and editing, I know how time consuming it must be! Just wanted to let you know It's appreciated.

  5. I got DS Temptation about two months IS quite gorgeous! You'll love it. It DOES need like 3 coats at least and a good topcoat but still beautiful!

  6. Just watched your marble vid on You Tube and had to come and have a look at your blog. I'm an OPI addcit and am really into different nail finishes at the moment. You have so many great ideas.

  7. I love your haul posts! Those ULTA exclusive China Glazes are so pretty! Can't wait to see those on your nails.

  8. Hey Colette thanks again for sharing your recent haul. Do you have a posting of any previous glow in the dark polishes? I just didn't want you to do a video simply on that one polish. I am looking forward to your Nailogy haul and I pray you're feeling better.

  9. AMOUR - back around Halloween I did a post on one of OPI's glow in the dark polishes & got some really good shots of it actually in the dark =)

  10. I wasn't able to get to Ulta in time to snag the exclusive China Glaze's but I managed to get Fireside Glow and Ultamate Holiday off of eBay. Now just need to get my hands on Mistletoe Me. They really need to build a new Ulta closer to me, lol.

    I love the comparison you did, on the magnetic polishes, of one coat versus two. I really prefer the two coats, makes the contrast much more noticeable on the design.

  11. Me encantan los Magnetix de Claire's. A ver si también llegan a España.

  12. I'm not sure whether you know that Claire's has the Magnetix polishes in silver, gold, pink, blue and least that's what my local Claire's has.
    I've been following your blogs since last summer, but this is the first time I've commented. I love your blogs!!


  13. yes there is a GREEN at Icing and Claire's as well as the other colours that u picked up. It looks great too ;)

  14. GINA - I've since picked up the green, its very pretty =)

  15. Is the matte topcoat part of their permanent line? Thanks(:

  16. Your sooo lucky! Im from Ireland, Monaghan (a place you've probably never even heard of!) and the only shops that sell good nail polishes is 'Blacks', 'Dolan's', 'Ronaghan's' and 'Boots'. All are pharmacies and quite expensive! :'(


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