Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NOTD: Green Color Block for Depression Awareness + Tutorial

Well, this is just a tad late onto the blog, but I did manage to get it posted on YouTube before the end of October which was my goal.  (October is Depression Awareness Month)

This manicure was inspired by a design I saw on Pinterest and added to my "I Wanna Try That" board (here:, and after digging through just my unworns I picked a light green for my base color & seven additional greens for my blocks; Piggy Polish Daylilly's & Music, Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe, Finger Paints Evergreen Dream, Icing All That Glitters is Green, Love & Beauty ? (no label & not sure if it ever had one), Sinful Colors Exotic Green, Ulta Army of 1 & Zoya Shawn:

I made each nail a little different, but if you have one that you particularly like, obviously you could stick with just one style.  Here's the tutorial:

I think I already have more ideas pinned than I may ever get to, but now that I'm finally on there I just can't help myself, there are so many cool ideas!  So you can count on seeing more Pinterest-inspired manis going forward =)

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  1. Those are awesome!

    I had no idea that October was depression awareness month. We get so caught up with the idea of breast cancer that we forget about other things and depression really is no joke.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise



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