Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year, New Look ...

... Same old procrastinating me =)  At first I thought I'd get the redesign done by New Year's.  Then I thought I'd get it done by my 4th blogiversary (back on the 19th).  I finally got it done yesterday.

Now, I only made one resolution this year, which was to sleep more - and which I am not quite failing at but not really succeeding at either.  I should have also resolved not to procrastinate & to ACTUALLY get caught up with stuff online.  I guess I could maybe squeeze it in as a resolution since it's not the end of January - but on the other hand, I shouldn't need a resolution to make it happen.  I DON'T need a resolution to make it happen.  *nods*  I've said it before - hell, I'll probably say it again.  I am going to get back on top of my blog posting.

Let me know what you think of the new look - I always appreciate hearing from you guys =)  I (obviously) don't let it dictate my style, but sometimes there are things glaringly wrong that I'm just overlooking, or issues in other browsers etc.  & stay tuned for lots of good things - so many I think I've probably forgotten a few LOL.  Editing pics & writing posts actually helps me to remember what I've done on my nails, so the last few months is kind of a blur & I think it will be fun to revisit as I dig into it.

Thanks for (still) reading =)



  1. I like the new look so far - very "clean" :)

  2. Oh! I love it!! Same feel, but it loads much quicker for me now. :D

  3. It looks great! Maybe it's better to chose a bit lighter shade for your body text. That's a bit hard to read.

  4. hi there,,, ur blog i like it,,, so many members here,,,,, its awesome,,, :)
    may i follow too?? :)

  5. I'm looking forward to read new posts! :D

  6. Clean and neat. Great job Colette! (yep we are still here :)

  7. Oh, very nice. Can't go wrong with purple.

  8. Looks really nice, but I'd suggest a lighter shade for the main text as it's a bit dark which makes it harder to read. Looks good, though!


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