Sunday, October 14, 2012

NOTD: Spring Pastel Rainbow Water Marble + Tutorial

So, Nail Art April started off with a marble that didn't quite fit into March =)  I used Orly Au Champagne for my base, then Marbling was done with 6 Revlon pastels - Sunshine Sparkle, Peach Smoothie, Pink Again, Gum Drop, Blue Lagoon & Minted.

I actually started out this design with a big fail that turned out kind of cool in hindsight; I wish I'd taken more pictures.  I wanted each nail to have just an arc of color, but it turned out too pale - I tried an overlay-marble of black that turned out looking grey ... and so after I did one hand I took it off & stared over again.  Here's a look at the fail that maybe wasn't quite such a fail:

Either way, this is what replaced it - due to the way I dipped my nails, they almost all turned out just a little different.  Very pale, especially in certain lights, but it was well suited for the Easter season it happened to be at the time:

I didn't have any nails that I didn't like, which as you know is pretty rare - so I took close-ups for all of them:

And of course here is the tutorial:

Thanks for reading.



  1. Whoaa! How'd you do the fail nail?! I think it looks awesome!

  2. You are so awesome, even if you dub something as a fail!
    Also, don't worry too much about March being half a year ago, to me it feels just as Watermarble March was just now! :)
    Keep on doing what you do and enjoy it, we will read your posts and watch your tutorials! :)

  3. Does look really good, even your fail. All my watermarbles are fails haha, I think I may need to watch more of your tutorials.

  4. I thought the first one was amazing!

  5. I think they are all amazing.. I love watching them too. Letting mine rest for a while.. they are so stained, tho I use double base coat. been bleaching w/lemon, soda & peroxide.
    in the meantime I am studying your tutorials... always great! THANKS!

  6. I actually liked the "fail" better, would you do a tutorial for that one? :D

  7. I really like the fail, too. Very funky and rainbow-like. Shame it wasn't what you were after.

  8. I agree. Even the "fail" looks mice. What type of design did you use in the water? Is that Au Champagne and clear polish as an overlay?

  9. Hi Colette..

    I've tried your water marble tutorial with Revlon nail polish,but it didn't work.. :(

    can you give me a solution and some advice for the tips and trick to make the beautiful water marble?? maybe from the brand of the nail polish,etc. Can I use NYX nail polish for make the water marble??

    Please respond my comment as soon as possible,because I can't wait to make the beautiful water marble nail art like yours!! :)

    thank you Colette..


Thanks for commenting! I will read every comment, and try to respond to any questions =)

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