Monday, September 3, 2012

The Haul Post

Usually for hauls I'll do a vid, and then I'll do some close-up pics with whatever info I forgot to mention in the vid - because no matter how thorough I think I'm being I always forget something. But most of these I never got around to bottle pics, or if I did I never go around to editing them, and at this point I don't think I'm going to ... so if you're interested to see any of these polishes before they get full manicure posts, the vids are it ... pick & choose as you will because there are kind of a lot LOL.  I've also included the related swatch videos and/or polish in motion vids that I've finished, although there are others I still would like to do.

This vid is mainly on the China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitter collection - I still haven't gotten around to swatching the Nabis that I mention at the end:

Big Lots is of course one of my favorite places for discounted polish, and I really enjoyed getting these glitters from Michael's - even though so far all I've done is gaze adoringly at them:

The gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS Layla Hologram effect polishes:

If you do want to see more of that awesomeness I've got 4 polish in motions so far, for Flash Black, Ocean Rush, and Jade Groove & Mercury Twilight which are quite similar -  full posts for these still upcoming:

I always look forward to Zoya's Earth Day sale - I'm already looking forward to the next one LOL although I'm sure there will be other good sales before then =)

A few colors from the OPI Spiderman collection:

Many  of you probably already know that Just Spotted the Lizard is a dupe for Chanel Peridot:

A gigantic Big Lots haul of Revlon polishes, along with a decent serving of DSW's Anise brand:

My first haul of the initial 5 Orly Flash Glam FX glitters:

Another bucketful of glitter, this batch from the Dollar Tree:

My unexpected birthday haul including the Essie Mirror Metallic collection:

Revlon's Moon Candy flakies from Walgreens:

And swatches - so hard to capture flakies on camera but I tried:

And to end on a bang, the crown jewel of all these hauls as well as my most recent (well, except for the ones I just bought & haven't recorded yet!), my prize for winning Orly's Flash Glam FX contest - the entire 22 glitters, plus the Fired Up collection - awesomeness, awesomeness & more awesomeness:

I've done polish in motion vids for Sunglasses at Night & Be Brave, as well as 2 swatch videos on these so far - and I would like to do another set of swatches, with no base and/or complimentary base colors.  Not sure when that will happen but coming eventually =)

So, that's it ... for now ;)

Thanks for reading.



  1. Haha when you put your hauls together in one post, it looks crazy! So much nail goodies!

  2. That is the mother of all haul posts!

  3. EHMAHGERD I just drooled lol. Massive haul

  4. Oh wow! This is nail polish junkie heaven! LOL You have a very nice selection ^^

  5. OMG *sigh* Always so jealous of your hauls. I live through you. lol

  6. Are the Layla Holographic polishes as good for konad-ing as the China Glaze holographics were? I've had the worse time trying to find holographic nail polish that is opaque enough to konad with.

  7. My cat freaked out when Frisky started to meow ;)


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