Saturday, May 19, 2012

How I Patch My Nails - Product Update

As I mention in the vid, I've been meaning to record this for several months - I think it's been since a little before Christmas that I started using the A.S.P. Light-less Gel plus the Gel Cure instead of the IBD Gel Resin that I was using previously.

Being able to do patches faster is a huge bonus because now I don't put changing them off as much - I used to really know I should change a patch, but not have time.  Then the patch would fail & the break would end up being even worse.

I hope to have some time this evening to do some NOTD posts ... but I thought that last weekend & just ended up falling asleep while watching the news LOL.  So we'll see =)

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  1. love the length of your nails so its great you share your tricks with others. i wish my job would allow me having longer nails but oh well, thats the only real downside for me :-P

  2. When I saw this post, I remembered that I bought the same items from Sallys a couple months ago, but have yet to try them. So I decided to get them out today because I have a patch to redo on my right index finger. And holy mackerel, you aren't kidding about the smell! I haven't even sprayed it yet, I just took the cap off the bottle to switch it out with the spray top cap, and the smell hit me so hard! I'm glad I'm sitting right next to an open window! LOL!

  3. I got *SO* excited... until I tried to buy that stuff from Amazon and was told that I couldn't. :( STUPID US ONLY ITEMS!!! :((( Can't even find it on eBay! Perhaps I'll try the IBD Gel resin instead, maybe it'll work better than my Orly brush-on glue.

  4. I bought both of these at Sally's friday, but the light-less gel (which is just cyanoacrylate with a thickener) does not have a brush, and you do not want to use a regular brush with this stuff (ruined one of mine). It only lasted two days before it cracked on the break I had wrapped with ASP fiberglass wrap. So today, I tried regular 5 second brush on glue. The gel-cure works on regular nail glue! This is awesome since you can do thin brush on coats, and it makes the wrap invisible, which the light-less gel did not. I'm guessing it would also work with the IBD gel resin, but I don't have any so I can't test it out.

  5. According to the MSDS I found, the IBD brush on Gel resin has the same two ingredients as the ASP light-less gel, so the gel-cure should work with the IBD.


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